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No.14 Traditional Style Cast Iron Skillet | Smithey Ironware

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The newest and largest addition to Smithey’s line of traditional skillets, the No. 14 knows no bounds when it comes to cooking for a crowd. Reflecting our iconic cast iron skillet design, but with a larger surface area so you can go from searing multiple cuts of steak to sautéing a dinner’s worth of vegetables. This skillet is at home wherever there is heat. From oven to grill, or stovetop to campfire you can rest assured that the No. 14 will become your go-to vessel for large quantity cooking. Complete with Smithey’s signature polished interior finish, the No. 14 when seasoned is naturally non-stick and free of chemical coatings. 


While all of our cast iron cookware works on electric and induction stovetops in addition to gas, we recommend that you use the largest burner size available for the 14" skillet. If your electric range is on the smaller size we suggest pre-heating the skillet in a hot oven to bring it up to temperature before cooking on the stovetop.