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All Bases Covered | Smithey Cast Iron

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This Smithey Cast Iron kitchen trio is ideal for all of your cooking needs. The No.12 Skillet is the perfect size for a family and designed for daily use. The Flat Top Griddle and No.12 Skillet are a match made in culinary heaven - it adds the ideal pan for burgers, eggs and more. Plus, the included lid allows you to steam, braise and more when you're cooking with both the skillet and griddle.

Like all Smithey’s, when seasoned they are naturally non-stick and free of chemical coatings. Inspired by vintage cast iron and crafted by hand and machine, we believe it’s the best cast-iron skillet on the market. Use it well.

Our 12" skillet is destined to be your family heirloom. The No. 12 is perfect for pan-frying chicken, searing steaks on the range, roasting game and vegetables in the oven, even baking biscuits. A daily companion in the kitchen, the No. 12 is also at home outdoors on the grill or over an open campfire.

Our No. 12 Flat top griddle is your new everyday essential. Not only will this become your daily use griddle, but it is also sized perfectly to fit on top of your No. 12 skillet highlighting its use as a custom fit lid. This flat top will become your go to for everything from pancakes to pizzas. 

Our tempered glass lids are the perfect addition to your Smithey. Smithey’s glass lids are thoughtfully designed using high-quality tempered glass and complete with a gold finished cast stainless steel knob and rim. Use your lid for steaming, braising, retaining heat and protecting your stovetop from splatter.