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Quincy Mae's goal is to make beautiful, more sustainable, and more socially conscious products for you and your little ones.

"At Farmer's Daughter Homestead, we curate our collections to embody modern prairie living. Each product carries a story. We select brands that share our values. Quincy Mae is a prime example. Beautifully designed, sustainable products aligning with our vision or heirloom quality, that can be gifted to the next generation. We're excited to offer their creations, weaving a tapestry of conscious living."

Organic Cotton Baby clothes and accessories flatlay

Organic Cotton

Quincy Mae's commitment has always been to source the finest organic cotton available. In the most straightforward terms, this signifies thier unwavering dedication to using materials that you can trust completely for your child, all certified by the most stringent standards in our industry.

Quincy Mae understand that every choice for your little ones is significant, and that's why they invest thier time and energy in sourcing the absolute best, softest, and safest materials possible. This way, you can rest assured, knowing that they've done the work to provide you with the utmost quality and peace of mind."

A baby girl lying on a swaddle in a sage green playsuit and headband

Chemical Free

Rest assured that all of Quincy Mae's clothing is free of antimicrobial chemicals, formaldehydes, pesticides, phthalates, PFCs, polyvinyl chloride, and VOCS. That's all code for saying that this is pure cotton that washes softly, wears in well, ages gracefully, and is free of harmful additives. What goes on your baby's skin matters to us, so we take this seriously and ensure you don't have to worry about what's in the product, just enjoy that it's natural, clean, and made for memories to come."

Quincy Mae Onesies handing on coat hangers

Ethically Made

Quincy Mae, is designed in the United States and crafted in China. They've partnered with factories that have willingly committed to an extensive eleven-part code of conduct agreement. This agreement covers essential elements, including the prohibition of child labor, the absence of forced work environments, fair wages, and non-discrimination based on age, race, and gender, among many others.

They're dedicated to ensuring this compliance remains steadfast, with ongoing audits to guarantee its strict adherence. They are delighted to share that in 2018, their primary factory received recognition and an award for their outstanding commitment to social responsibility within our industry.

At Farmer's Daughter Homestead, we firmly believe that happy workers and ethical factories result in superior products, and we take immense pride in supporting this ethos with the brand we stock.