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Hvid believe in a different approach of producing and bringing honest, sustainable and ethical products into the market. Their idea of corporate social responsibility is as follows…

Their warehouse, atelier and office is at their home in the Belgian countryside.

A Family Business, their team ensure all Hvid items are carefully finished, quality controlled, picked, packed and shipped.

Outsourcing the sewing of the majority of their washing labels to a social workplace. Giving people who are unable to work in the regular job market still have a chance to receive recognition and contribute to society.

Hvid threads
All their products are made of 100% merino wool. Chosen for its sustainability, versatility and softness. It is also biodegradable, which means it can be broken down organically in the ecosystem, with any long term environmental pollution can be avoided.
Working with the best Italian spinning mills that comply to the most stringent European yarn colouring regulations, ensure they use 100% renewable energy. In addition, they use and manage water responsibly by optimizing water consumption and processes, purification and management of discharges.

The Hvid Knitting Factory - zero waste
The Hvid knitting factory is a small family business, the owner pursuing his degree in knitting, while running the business with his wife who’s in charge of the washing and ironing department.

Their unique expertise (they are the only Belgian factory working this way), enables the Hvid items to be made in one whole piece, without any seams, or waste of fabric.

Firmly believing in the slow-fashion model to avoid overproduction, they create seasonless items in timeless colours to be used throughout the whole year.

No waste, no reductions. A small scale, family owned and with a lot of passion of all who’s involved!