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Gladfolk are a community of people who believe life is a series of small and beautiful miracles worth celebrating. They reside and create from their home-based studio and workshop at the heart of their 15-acre wooded property in the midwest, USA. Here, surrounded by inspiration in the form of wildlife and barefoot children, they turn simple, fleeting moments into lasting and meaningful design.

They believe beauty can be found all around them, so they seek out locally-sourced leather, lumber, and linens for their line of modern, handcrafted goods. Gladfolk joyfully partner with other American makers and ethical, fair-trade suppliers. And because they are committed to excellence in their craft, they only work with the highest quality materials they can find.


In everything they do and create, they promise quality, authenticity, integrity, and kindness. They endeavor to spread love and light, to cherish family and community, and to foster connection and inspire memories.

Their hope is that the care and quality they imbue into their products will last a family for years; that their items will be used, worn, gifted, cherished, and handed down from friend to friend, sister to sister, even generation to generation. They pour our hearts into making heirloom-quality, everyday goods because they know what it's like to want to hold onto something forever.


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