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Alabaster's vision is for all of humanity to experience God as beautiful. They believe beauty matters in our understanding of who God is—and together with you—they strive to make products that help bring forth beauty in the world.

How did they start?

Their journey started in 2016 with the Bible. They integrate visual imagery and thoughtful design into different books of the Bible. They believe in the divine inspiration, trustworthiness, and authority of the Bible—and they bring this into everything they make and do. They knew that the story of God was beautiful, and they wanted to create a beautiful reading experience—they ultimately hope it helps deepen your experience with God.

Beauty and faith

We live in a culture where creatives are flourishing—a society that cares about art, design, and making. So, they asked: how do they show the story of God as beautiful?

Beauty has to do with aesthetics and art, but it also goes beyond that. To experience a beautiful life means to integrate the qualities of beauty into every aspect of our faith lives: our spiritual practices, daily livings, callings, creative works, missions, and collective futures. Ultimately, they believe living beautifully means participating in God’s Shalom—wholeness and peace—in our lives, communities, and world around us. In doing so, may they all experience God as beautiful together.

Why make?

They have always believed that beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. And, they believe the best way to understand "God as beautiful" involves experiencing it through our senses, not just as a concept to be comprehended. So they make and create—things you can experience tangibly, tactically, viscerally—all with the hope of helping you experience God as beautiful.

Design ethos

Everything they make is done with purpose. First and foremost, they want their products to be good for you—that you find inspiration, encouragement, insight, and a sense of belonging. They strive to make every product with excellence and innovation: from their thoughtful image creation, to in-depth scripture studies, to partnering with artists, writers, and creatives from around the world, to utilizing the best and most sustainable materials for our products—they believe quality matters. Ultimately, they hope this intentionality brings you fresh perspective, deeper awareness, and newfound purpose within your journey of faith.

The Bible Beautiful

They integrate visual imagery and thoughtful design into different texts of the Bible. They're interested in how imagery changes the way you experience the text. Art allows us to ask questions and reflect in ways we wouldn't on our own.

Craftsmanship matters, too. Their books are lithographically printed, on a 15 pt cover with soft-touch aqueous coating and 80# uncoated text. It's printed by they're friends at Hemlock printers, one of Canada's most environmentally friendly printing factories. Simply put, they strive to create Bible books of the utmost quality.